One could call Capecci S.R.L.’s business approach “conventional” in that it was founded on very simple but concrete concepts:

A Human touch
Flexibility of design

But these simple concepts have vaulted the company into the vanguard of mechanical craftsmanship, utilizing the latest technologies (CAD-CAM) and producing 15 different types of numerically controlled machining centers.

Thirty-six years have gone by from when the desire of the two young machinists Enzo Capecci and Giuseppe Troiani to go into business together came to fruition. Along with a devoted crew, they have worked diligently to satisfy the specific demands of their clients as they still do to the present day. All this hard work has paid off as these very same gentlemen were able to partner together once more in the establishment of Gamma S.R.L. ( in 1987. Today, Gamma S.R.L.  occupies itself with the design and assembly of serigraphic machinery and equipment.

The warehouse floor has since expanded from 3000 sq. meters to 7000 sq. meters and houses our new 5-axis machining center with a travel of 6000 x 3800 x 1500, online since April of 2009. The company currently employs 16 people, 12 of whom are specialized machinists.

If you are not able to come and see us personally, we invite you to go online and take a virtual tour of our company at our website.

Thank you for your dedicated time.

Capecci S.R.L. - Tel. 0571 667849 - 652101