Vertical smoothing-machine LV1700

An extremely versatile machine for carpentry firms. Indispensable for model-makers, sculptors, it expands its field of application also to foundries and to factories specialized in the moulding of plastics.

The inclinable work-top, with easy to read gradation, and the support rods it is equipped with, make it suitable for any type of work in the aforesaid fields.

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Technical data
Three-phase motor RPM 2800
Power HP. 1
Belt's tip speed m./Sec. 17
Abrasive belt's width Max mm. 40
Abrasive belt's total lenght mm. 1700
Work-top dimensions mm. 300x280
Work-top inclination upwards 20
Work-top inclination downwards 601
Basic overall dimension mm. 502x300
Height of the machine mm. 542
Weight (approx.) Kg. 35
Bench height mm. 700
Bench width mm. 300
Bench weight Kg. 20
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